The Adventure Design Group was delighted to host Thomas Lotze, the current lead organizer of Journey to the End of the Night San Francisco, for a talk about his experiences running the game over several years.

Journey is arguably the most influential street game ever made. Created in 2006 by Sam Lavigne, Sean Mahan and Ian Kizu-Blair, it has run every year in San Francisco since then. Over 2,500 players fled chasers through the streets of San Francisco last year. Journey has spread across the world to New York, London, Los Angeles, Berlin, Chicago, Washington DC, Vienna, and other cities -- wherever there is a street games community, you will likely find Journey.

Since Thomas has taken leadership of Journey in SF, the group has experimented with integrating technology, story, and game design. He discusses the latest Journey, things they did right and wrong, and why this is such an important and powerful game, for players, organizers, and the games community at large.